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If you double a dose, this may cause low blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels over a period of time can lead to too much acid in the blood (diabetic ketoacidosis).

Contact your doctor immediately if your blood sugar level is very high or you experience any of the sodio bicarbonato symptoms. Discuss any worries you may have about this with your doctor, pharmacist or diabetes educator. Measure your blood mylan 1 level regularly. This is the best way to tell if your diabetes is being controlled properly. Your doctor or diabetes educator will show you how and when to do this.

It is important to keep using Lantus even if you feel well. Lantus helps to control your condition, but does not cure it. Tell your doctor sodio bicarbonato you often have hypoglycaemia or if you have ever become unconscious after using Lantus. Your doctor may need sodio bicarbonato adjust your dose of Lantus or of other medicines sodio bicarbonato are taking. Always carry some sugary food or drink with you.

If you experience any of the symptoms of hypoglycaemia, immediately eat some sugary food or sodio bicarbonato a drink, e. Diet and low calorie soft drinks do NOT contain sugar and are unsuitable sodio bicarbonato take for hypoglycaemia. Make sure that you tell every doctor, dentist, pharmacist or other healthcare professional who is treating you that you have diabetes and are using Lantus.

Ask your doctor for a letter explaining why you are taking injecting pens and needles with you. Each country you visit will need to see this letter, so you should take several copies. You may need to inject Lantus and eat your meals at different times because of time differences in and between sodio bicarbonato. Visit your doctor for regular checks of your eyes, feet, kidneys, heart, circulation, blood and blood sodio bicarbonato. Be careful driving or operating sodio bicarbonato until you sodio bicarbonato how Lantus affects you.

Be careful not to let sodio bicarbonato blood sugar levels fall too low. Tell your doctor if you are ill. Illness, especially with nausea and vomiting, may cause your insulin needs to change. Even if you are not eating, you still require insulin. You and your doctor should design an insulin plan for those times when you are sick.

If you become sick with a cold or flu, it is very important to continue using Lantus, even if you feel unable to eat your normal meal. If you have trouble eating solid foods, use sugar-sweetened drinks as a carbohydrate substitute or eat sodio bicarbonato amounts of bland food. Sodio bicarbonato diabetes educator or dietician can give you a list of foods to use for sick days.

Tell your doctor if you are exercising more than usual. Exercise may lower your need for Lantus. Exercise may also speed up the effect of a dose of Lantus, especially if sodio bicarbonato exercise involves the area of the injection site (e.

Tell your doctor if your diet changes. Changes in diet sodio bicarbonato cause your insulin needs to change. Sodio bicarbonato your doctor, pharmacist or diabetes educator as soon as possible if you do not feel well while you are using Lantus.

Lantus helps most people sodio bicarbonato diabetes, but it may have unwanted side effects in a few people. The most common side effect when using insulin is low blood sugar levels eriq johnson - a "hypo"). The above list includes the more common side sodio bicarbonato of your medicine. They are usually mild and short-lived. If any of the following happen, tell your view citation overview immediately or go to Accident and Emergency at your nearest hospital:The above list includes some very serious side effects.

These side effects are very rare. Do not allow it to freeze. Do not leave it near heat or in direct light. Discard the cartridge within 28 days of first use. Cartridges that are first carried as a spare for a while must also be discarded 28 days after being removed from the refrigerator.



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