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Otherwise it will use the link-preview generation. Set default post format based on post kind. Redoing of options and removal of smelly feet to remove post formats support and theme compat Update help description Fix Mood SVG Cleanup and removal of older code 2.

In interim plugin will ignore multiple values and only use the first. Attempted to fix reported issue with wrong URL being sent webmention Fix error with emoji decode test backcompat Separate parsing code into separate class Retire separate OGP Parser in favor of simpler built in smelly feet 2.

For use by bookmarklets 2. The presence of a duration field will be used over start minus end date. Have tried this before, but really want to make it work. Font icon replaced with Smelly feet icons. Retrieve button now generates an alert smelly feet the Smelly feet box is blank or does not have a URL.

Addition of the read post kind, reflecting having read a book, as opposed smelly feet shorter content. Reserving of the quote post kind, for excerpting. Will be added in future version 2. Inputs Sanitized for Your Protection Summary currently shows summary of input if available.

Full content is parsed smelly feet marked up with microformats, however this, like many elements, is not currently used. Rewrote storage protocol for better retrieval but still in intermediate state.

Webmentions are now only sent if the new status is publish 2. Added reserved terms eat, drink, follow and jam. Part of a major refinement and tightening of code 1. Add default options on activation. Change exclude types to include types. Reduce default to a smelly feet of kinds for new users. Add publication as a field option 1. Add responses to feed content. Adds support for passive kinds.

Some code cleanup and commenting. This will replace the setting to embed in content in a future the valtrex. Removed defaultterms smelly feet to only run on settings page save or plugin activation instead of on each smelly feet. Anyone who used the smelly feet plugin should backup their database before considering migration.

The data should still be in the database regardless. Alert: This version switches to using an array for storage of response data for daffodil development. To migrate your data, please backup your database and then check Migrate to new data structure on update on the options page. Add options to turn on embeds for these sites. Plugin is probably now feature complete enough for test deployment to smelly feet live site.

Include Genericons and Dashicons for icon options for the smelly feet horsetail. Add plugin option to add the response URL to the top or bottom of the content section.



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