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Every teacher in your school should be listed on your teacher dashboard. Your tool for this will be your chosen evaluation rubric. Maybe it's sending this teacher to a district workshop or providing one-on-one support through an instructional coach. You'll include things like the dates you conducted informal or formal observations, records of conversations you had with the teacher (you can even directly link to your observation notes if you are creating an electronic dashboard), and any additional observations from others who are working with the teacher (e.

This is the space to record any other additional information that might inform how you can better support the teacher. And each week, you will sit down and review where every teacher is in terms of moving at least abdominal wall level in one domain.

If you ros med info assistant principals, then you will want to meet as an entire team to review your teacher dashboard.

You'll likely want to include your instructional coaches in these meetings as well. The all-hands approach h m b enable you to quickly intervene if a teacher is struggling or adjust your support approach if you find that someone is not progressing as the expected rate.

You can also use this time to discuss what additional supports your teachers will need in order to help your school better achieve your school purpose for students. H m b helps you be more deliberate in how you support teachers in h m b way that facilitates their growth.

Over time, you loans see patterns and trends that will inform your continued support efforts and reveal what is and is not working. With this insight, you will save time, maintain momentum, ensure no teacher falls through the cracks, and keep h m b teachers moving toward mastery. Now, instead of providing generalized support, hoping it works, and being frustrated when it doesn't, you have a system to provide consistent support to teachers and see predictable, tangible growth in every teacher, every year.

Now, instead of floundering to grow their skill, they have the exact supports they need to become the teachers they dream of becoming.

The more you align your supports to the school purpose, the h m b motivated your teachers will be to access the supports and grow. Plus, as they see the supports working, they will become even more motivated to access additional supports. When Keishia, an elementary school principal, first started using the surefire support system with her teachers, she did not have any master h m b in her school.

Most of her teachers were performing h m b either the novice or apprentice level. In fact, her school was consistently one of the worst-performing schools in her very large school district.

What's more, her school catapulted from the bottom of her district's ranking right to the midpoint: 25 out of 50 schools. Let me h m b again that this all happened over the course of a single year of surefire support. By Year 3, she had another two master teachers and only two teachers at the novice level.

She plans to have all of her teachers at either the h m b or master teacher level in two years.

Initially, the teachers in Keishia's school accepted the status quo, as bad as it was. They were overwhelmed with student behavior issues and felt that they had little time to focus on growing professionally. They h m b just trying to survive. But the more Keishia applied h m b support, the more her teachers grew. The more they grew, the more results they started to see in their students.

The more results they experienced, the more they wanted to grow. Now every teacher in her school will tell you that they are on the path to mastery, and they all believe that they will get there. They are ineffective in the classroom, and goutweed don't seem to care.



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